Traveling to Kiev with the Ukraine Visa

visa for kiev

It’s not hard to see why Ukraine is the 8th most popular country of destination for tourists in Europe. The wide variety of enticing natural attractions in Ukraine range from high mountain ski slopes to the golden beaches of the Black Sea coastline and its rich history and cultural heritage are especially evident in the capital city, Kiev.

However, before planning a stay in Kiev it’s wise to double-check the Ukraine visa requirements. Depending on your country of origin, it may first be necessary to get a Ukraine visa online.

Do I Need a Travel Visa for Ukraine?

If you’re planning a business trip or holiday in Kiev, you may require a Ukraine Tourist Visa. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and Uzbekistan are the only Ukraine visa-exempt counties. However, passport holders from over 60 authorities may enter Ukraine for a maximum of 90 days within a 180 day period. This includes all EU member countries, as well as Japanese, Russian, Canadian and US citizens.

An additional 55 countries are eligible to apply online for the electronic visa for Ukraine. These include Australia and New Zealand, a majority of South American countries and many Asian nations, including China. Arab League countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia can also apply for the e-Visa for Ukraine.

How to Get the Ukraine Visa

The majority travelers will have to arrange their Ukranian Tourist Visa before arrival in the country. The application process can be completed in person at any Ukranian embassy or consulate. However, it is now much faster and easier for eligible passport holders to complete the online Ukraine visa application form.

Citizens of those counties eligible to apply for the e-Visa need to make sure they first comply with Ukraine visa requirements. When completing the online form, applicants need to have a valid passport from an eligible country, pay the visa fee with a debit or credit card, and provide a current email address to receive the visa.

Applicants must fill out personal information and answer a few security questions, which should take roughly 10 minutes. Filling out the details carefully to ensure they match your documents is essential in order to approve the Ukraine electronic visa. If an incorrect e-mail address is provided, the visa will not arrive in your inbox and the application must be started again from scratch.

Once the Ukraine e-Visa arrives via email, it’s compulsary for the traveler to print a copy to present alongside their passport at Ukranian border control. The Ukraine online visa is valid for a period of 30 consecutive days and is valid for a single entry to Ukraine.

Best Places to Visit in Kiev

Once you have your travel documents in order, you’ll want to plan your trip to Ukraine. Without question, the first stop on any itinerary in Ukraine is to visit Kiev. Located right in the center of the country along the Dnieper River, the Ukranian capital is an ideal base.

Getting around Kiev is easy. The city boasts an extensive metro, bus and tram system, as well as a funicular railway that connects the historic Uppertown with the rest of the city. Kiev airport, known as Boryspil International Airport, is also located just 29 kilometers away with easy access to the city.

The most popular attraction in Kiev is the majestic Kiev Pershersk Lavra, also known as the Kiev Monastery of the Caves. This extensive religious compound and UNESCO World Heritage Site is built on top of an ancient cave system and boasts a number of striking features including gold-encrusted domed cathedrals.

If you feel like exploring the Ukranian countryside, you could take a trip to Pirogov, a small village just south of Kiev. It’s here you’ll find the outdoor Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine, a historical theme park which collects together over 300 pieces of Ukranian rustic architecture including a variety of charming wooden windmills.

Finally, if you feel like a bit more of an adventure holiday in Ukraine, consider taking a trip from Kiev to Chernobyl. Many Kiev tourism operators provide safe guided tours of the 1986 nuclear disaster site and the adjacent abandoned town of Pripyat. You can even stay overnight in the area on a two-day tour if you’re feeling brave