What Travel Documents Do I Need to Enter Ukraine?

Travel documents for Ukraine

What are the required travel documents for Ukraine? Depending on your nationality, a Ukraine tourist visa  or a Ukraine e-Visa will be needed to enter the country. The Ukraine online visa is currently valid for a single entry for tourism and business purposes for 30 days in the country and available to 55 nationalities, saving the time and hassle of getting a visa from a Ukraine embassy or queuing for a Ukraine visa on arrival.

Necessary Travel Documents for Entry to Ukraine

The Ukraine travel documents required to enter the country will vary depending on the nationality of the applicant, as well as the duration of the travel to Ukraine.

There are currently only 5 countries exempt from Ukraine travel documents for an indefinite stay in Ukraine. These are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan.

Passport holders of an additional 64 countries, including Brazil, Canada, and the United States can also enter the country without Ukraine travel docs for 90 days within any 180 day period.

Non-visa-exempt citizens that require travel documents to Ukraine will have to physically go to the Ukraine Embassy or Consulate in their home country to get a Ukraine travel visa, the duration of which will vary depending on the needs of the traveler.

However, more than 50 passport holders can now pre-register an electronic Ukraine visa application for Ukraine travel docs.

The e-Visa for Ukraine is currently available for a single-entry stay in Ukraine for up to 30 days for purposes of tourism and business as well as for cultural, scientific, educational or sporting activities, medical treatment, or work duties of a correspondent or representative of foreign media.

The electronic visa for Ukraine can take up to 9 business days to process, so it’s also required to apply for the travel documents to Ukraine well in advance of your trip.

Refugee Travel Documents for Ukraine

As a condition of joining the UN Convention of 1951 and Protocol of 1967, Ukraine provides protection to foreigners and stateless persons seeking asylum on Ukrainian territory and can issue Ukraine travel documents for refugees or a person in need of subsidiary or temporary protection. These are defined as:

  • A refugee is recognized in Ukraine as a foreign citizen who resides outside their country of origin due to fear of persecution for a number of motives.
  • A person in need of subsidiary protection is someone not considered a refugee who was forced to enter or stay in Ukraine for threat of death in their home country.
  • A person in need of temporary protection is a foreign citizen or stateless person fleeing a disruption of public order in their home countries such as civil war, ethnic conflicts, and natural disasters.

All of these classifications are eligible to apply for a refugee travel document for Ukraine once already in the country. Those who have crossed the border illegally must immediately submit a Ukraine travel document for refugees application to the State Migration Service of Ukraine, while those who crossed according to Ukranian Law are allowed up to five working days to apply.

Upon submitting the request for Ukrainian travel docs, applicants will be issued a certificate of application for protection in Ukraine. They will then be invited for an interview within 15 working days, at which point the application and supporting documentation will be considered. A decision will be then be made by the State Migration Service of Ukraine whether to grant refugee status and issue the travel documents for Ukraine.

Emergency Travel Documents Ukraine

Foreign travelers in Ukraine with a lost, stolen, damaged, or expired passport, and who don’t have enough time to get a replacement before travel, will be required to apply for an emergency travel document to Ukraine. It will be necessary to contact the embassy or consulate of your country of nationality in Ukraine in order to be granted Ukraine travel documents for an emergency.

Those traveling within the next 24 hours should immediately contact their relevant embassy or consulate in order to get the emergency travel documents for Ukraine in time.
Those due to travel after a 3-week period may have enough time to get a replacement passport in time, and may not be required to apply for a Ukraine travel document for emergencies.

Emergency Ukraine travel docs for children may be obtained for minors under 16 if a parent or guardian submits an application on their behalf.

Before planning your trip to Ukraine, make sure you have the necessary travel documents to entry to Ukraine, according to both nationality and purpose and duration of your stay.