Electronic Visa for Ukraine Now Available

Electronic Visa for Ukraine Now Available

The Ukraine Foreign Ministry has officially launched the electronic visa system for citizens of 52 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, China, Mexico, Singapore and Malaysia. The simplified process will save travelers time and hassle. The e-Visa for Ukraine is available for tourism and business purposes, as well as for medical treatment, activities in the field of culture, science, education, sports, in order to perform official duties of a foreign correspondent or representative of a foreign media.

The Ukraine electronic visa can be easily obtained by filling out an online  Ukraine application form that takes a few minutes to complete. Eligible travelers will be required to provide basic biographical details.

The e-Visa for Ukraine is being implemented for the first time. On Wednesday April 4th, the head of the Ukrainian Ministry, Pavel Klimkin shared on his Twitter account, “We are making Ukraine even closer to the world, today we have launched an electronic visa.” This is an important step for Ukraine who seeks not only to improve visa processes, but also have better migration control.

Citizens of the 52 eligible countries no longer need to go to a Ukrainian consulate or embassy, they can get the e-Visa for Ukraine by completing an online application form. To do so, applicants are required to provide their personal details, travel plans and passport info. The application also has a series of security questions that must be answered before submitting it. Travelers are advised to fill out each section of the e-Visa application accurately.

Once approved, the Ukraine e-Visa is sent directly to the applicant’s email. The traveler should print a copy of their visa to present at the Ukrainian border control along with their passport. The electronic visa for Ukraine is valid for a single entry and a stay of up to 30 days.

Travel with your Ukraine e-Visa

If you are a citizen of one of the 52 eligible countries you can apply for the Ukraine e-Visa with a valid passport and a current email address. In order to submit the application to the Ukrainian government, the applicant should pay for the visa fee with a debit or credit card. Successful applicants will receive the electronic visa for Ukraine in their email.

The largest country in Europe is diverse and rich in traditions. The Ukraine e-Visa will allow foreign visitors to stay in the country for a period of up to 30 days. During this time, travelers can explore the magical cities of Kiev and Odessa. Visitors can also head to the sophisticated city of Lviv.

Ukraine is a fascinating travel destination that is still undiscovered by most. Even though the country has been through difficult political periods, it has many surprises in store for its visitors. Its intricate history will impress any curious traveler. Nature lovers will also find breathtaking landscapes such as the Carpathian Mountains, where people go to ski, hike, fish, and hunt. The coastline on the Black sea is a dreamy spot for a summer holiday.

Travelers should bear in mind that even though the application for the Ukraine e-Visa only takes a few minutes to complete, the processing of the visa can take up to 9 business days. Therefore, visitors should apply with enough time in advance before their trip. Citizens from eligible countries must have a printed copy of their Ukrainian e-Visa upon arrival to present to the immigration border control.